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ExSSA UK (Ex-Saker Students Association - UK)

Love, Unity & Sisterhood


ExSSA UK boasts a network of aspiring, dynamic and quintessential Ladies, raised in Christian womanhood, dedicated to Love, Unity and Sisterhood and fostering the education of the girl child. 
Are you an Ex-Sakerette residing in the UK? Join one of our trailblazing regions and enjoy the benefits of a true support network, a Sisterhood, unique in its operation, true to its values, mission and goals.


ExSSA UK executes a variety of projects in Saker Baptist College, Limbe, to enrich and improve the lives of its students.

Your support is immensely powerful. Our focus for 2015/2016 has been to refurbish the Food & Technology laboratory in Saker Baptist College. With this in mind, we launched the 'Stepping in the Light' campaign.

Find out more about our current projects in Saker Baptist College here >>
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